Sketchbook – Gum Tree Flowers in Watercolour

Gum Tree Flowers in watercolour | Sandra Burns Art

Last month I took part in an art challenge where you were given a task each day and 10 minutes to complete it. Believe me – 10 minutes goes by in a flash!

This particular day, the challenge was to find some artwork you admire and create something similar. As always sipping my cup of tea, I stepped into google action and found some beautiful Australiana gum tree flowers by Debra Meier and tried to make something similar.

I used black and red ink pens for a quick sketch, and filled it in with watercolour paints. This was only my second attempt with watercolours, so I’m pretty happy with the result. And don’t forget, 10 minutes is not long to create anything.

Obviously mine is no comparison to the original… but for 10 minutes, it’s okay. 🙂

I loved working on this and I plan to do more in the future. Gum trees are an amazing example of Australiana – something to be shared and enjoyed.

I loved this challenge, and I think I did okay. It’s certainly not going to deter me. Art is waiting to be created.

Thanks for following my art journey!


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