Sketchbook Art – Maidenhair Fern & Swordfish Fern

Ferns are not easy to paint!

I recently completed my “Flowers For You” artwork and I had my heart set on some evergreen maidenhair fern as part of the composition.

I watched some videos on YouTube and dabbled away in my sketchbook.

After several attempts, I decided the common maidenhair leaf is not easy!

Enter the swordfish fern!

Also not easy, but I found I got a better result.

painting ferns - maidenhair, fishbone- Sandra Burns ART - sketchbook work, learning how to paint ferns
painting ferns – maidenhair, fishbone – Sandra Burns ART

I love using nature for inspiration in my art.

Tell me in the comments, which do you prefer?

Looking back on it now, the maidenhair fern isn’t too bad. But at the time, I wasn’t getting the result I wanted.

I’ll be practising a bit more for next time I want some ferns.


-Sandra 🙂

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