Sketchbook Project – Baby Rabbit in Watercolour

Bunny Love | Sandra Burns Art

Easter was an arty time for me! The only thing better than painting weekends is when it’s a long weekend of painting.

I had time to experiment with my watercolour paints. Something I don’t do often enough. And something I am going to make more time for in the future.

This BUNNY LOVE was the result. I love making art!

This was inspired by a small wood carving on my mother’s bookshelf.

Bunny Love | Sandra Burns Art
Bunny Love | Sandra Burns Art

I sketched it in pencil first – with lots of erasing along the way. When I was happy with the drawing, I went over the outlines in black ink pen. Then when that was dry, I added the colour using watercolour paints.

Do you like it? Do you like cute baby rabbits?

I still need more practice with watercolours, but I like how this one turned out.


-Sandra 🙂

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