Sketchbook Project – Line Drawing Art

Line Drawing Art - inspiration - cropped

This week’s sketchbook project is ‘Line Drawing Art’.

Earlier this month I ran an Art Challenge where you are given a task each day and 10 minutes to complete it. Believe me – 10 minutes goes by in a flash!

On this particular day, the challenge was to replicate an image using a specified number of marks on a page – five marks, ten marks and twenty marks. This process is ‘Line Drawing Art’.

Here’s the beautiful ballerina image supplied:

And here are my not-so-beautiful line drawings:

I like my 5-mark and 10-mark drawings better than my 20-mark line drawing.

Line Drawing Art is fun to do. It’s important to spend time analysing the image first before putting pen to paper – to work out how best to replicate the image in just a few lines.

I loved this daily task, and I think I did okay. It’s certainly not going to deter me.

Thanks for following my art journey!


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