Acrylic Painting – My Beautiful Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet | Sandra Burns Art

ROSE BOUQUET is a paint-by-numbers acrylic painting, that I completed in 2021. It is 30 x 40 cm, acrylic paint on canvas.

This painting makes me smile every time I see it.

I had a long break from creating art (life got in the way), and I chose to complete a few paint-by-numbers paintings to get the feel for things again.

I felt this was an easier option for me as it eliminated the need to create the design myself, and I could concentrate on whether I still enjoyed the actual process of painting.

The answer was YES. I still love painting.

I completed a few paint-by-numbers artworks in my journey back into making art.

And here is my beautiful rose bouquet…

The Finished Product

Rose Bouquet | Sandra Burns Art (PBN)
Rose Bouquet | Sandra Burns Art (PBN)

Framed and on the wall – it looks so beautiful!

I love the colours in the flowers – and the contrast with the deep green of the foliage.

I also like how it ranges from crisp clear petals in the foreground to blurred parts in the background, creating a wonderful depth to the image.

What’s Next For “ROSE BOUQUET”?

If “Rose Bouquet” is bringing you joy, like it does me, I’m pleased to announce that this artwork is available for purchase.

It is not currently listed anywhere online, so please message me if you are interested in finding out more.

Acrylic painting, 30cm x 40cm, hand-painted using professional quality acrylic paints on high quality linen canvas. The frame shown in the photo is readily available from K-mart. So if you prefer, you can buy the painting unframed (a cheaper option) and pop it in your own frame.

I’m so grateful to my PBN works as they reignited my creativity and I am now making art again.

If you’re interested in creating this artwork yourself, I got this one from Paint Plot Australia.

Bring happiness to your home right now and solve that blank wall space that’s been bugging you!

Contact me for more information.

Thanks for viewing my art.

-Sandra 🎨🙂

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