Artists Who Inspire Me: Kerry Sibly

kerry sibly | Sandra Burns Art

Kerry Sibly is someone I used to work with many years ago in Melbourne in a non-art-related capacity, and I doubt he would remember me.

Just look at the beautiful artwork he is creating now!

kerry sibly | Sandra Burns Art
kerry sibly | Sandra Burns Art

Kerry creates amazing artwork on recycled materials. “Weathered timber and rusted steel is too often overlooked. I upcycle scrap into precious artworks. Building my own canvases from rusty old milking sheds, I then adorn them with portraits of the former inhabitants.”

You can check out Kerry’s work here on Facebook or on Instagram.

I was in Margaret River recently but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to pop into his studio. Hopefully next time. 🎨🙂

Thanks for taking this art journey with me!

-Sandra 🎨🙂

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  1. Kerry’s art is amazing. It’s a joy to find such talent. I hope you’ve done a “follow”. 🙂


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