Silo Art in Australia

So… some different art appreciation today. A few years ago, my husband and I drove across the country. The weather was good and I have some amazing memories of that trip.

This fabulous mural artwork is painted across seven wheat silos in the rural town of Kimba on the Eyre Highway in South Australia. Kimba is also home to the Big Galah (in keeping with Australia’s fascination for “big” things) and a big sign advising you are “half way across Australia”.

But don’t you just love this massive silo art?

Silo Art in Kimba South Australia - large mural painted on sides of wheat silos - girl looking across field of wheat - stormy skies - farm house in background
Silo Art in Kimba South Australia

How great is that?

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  1. A local water-tank is getting decorated with native wildflowers and birds (Murrumbateman NSW). I think it’s a great medium and provides something fun to wander past.

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    1. How wonderful! There are some very talented people making our landscapes beautiful.

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  2. aparna12 says:

    Wow. Absolute lovely.

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    1. It really is lovely Aparna. And so big!


  3. The silo art is so very Australian

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    1. Yes, it’s beautiful. Have you been to Kimba?


      1. Yes I have and photographed the silo. There is painted silos all over Australia lots in NW Victoria, Qld and the WA wheatbelt

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      2. I’ve heard there are lots. But that’s the only one I’ve seen in person. We are such a beautiful country.


      3. Definitely a beautiful country for sure

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