Enjoying Art

Last week I had a lovely day out with a friend. Apart from multiple coffee stops, we spent time admiring art.

Art Gallery of Western Australia
My favourites were the classics (“Down On His Luck” and “Droving Into The Light”), and also the wall of hand-crafted works made from straw and wool, and some modern work (like the big sassy lady – she’s an acquired taste, it took me a while to like her, but she’s been there a while and now she’s like an old friend).

Gallery Central (North Metropolitan TAFE)
We enjoyed an exhibition of artworks by Emily Rose Brennan (but I forgot to take photos), and the sculpture of wire people sitting outside.

AGWA 2022 - Sandra Burns ART - images from Art Gallery of Western Australia - "Down On His Luck" by Frederick McCubbin (1889) - "Droving Into The Light" by Hans Heysen (1921) - handcrafts of straw and wool - sassy lady sculpture - wire people sculpture

It was such a lovely day of good company and good venues.

The coffee spots were Italian Corner in the Perth CBD (by the Horseshoe Bridge), and Livingstone’s Urban Jungle outside AGWA (the Art Gallery of WA). Both cafes are highly recommended.

I also highly recommend getting out to visit your local art gallery for a day of awe and wonder.

Much love and happiness to you. x

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