Sandra Burns, female nature artist


Sandra Burns is a West Australian visual artist whose work symbolises hope and optimism, providing courage to move forward. She blends vibrant colours and deliberate brush strokes to create inspirational artwork. Her strong connection with nature is present throughout her work.

Although Sandra works mainly with acrylic paints, her portfolio also has some watercolour works and pencil or ink pen drawings.

Painting is an immense source of peace, and Sandra is happiest when her artwork connects with viewers on a deeper level. Her goal is to bring the healing power of nature into the home – the joy of being a nature artist.

Sandra has works held in private collections in Australia and USA, as well as in galleries in Perth, Western Australia.

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Sandra Burns, Artist Statement

My artwork explores the boundaries of peace and healing. Through my art, I provide hope and optimism, a strength on which to move forward. The most important thing to give someone is to silence their demons – to provide a place of refuge and acceptance. As a nature artist, my work provides a pathway to good wellbeing. 💖

The sight and sound of the ocean have always been an escape for me. I bring those elements of escapism into my artwork.

Physically, my work is an acrylic painting. Mentally, it is a work of love – originating from a desire to help others on their journey towards peace and happiness.

Losing myself in the “process of creation”, I mix rich colours to achieve inspirational designs – combining my strong connection to nature and my desire to help others.

Sharing my designs is exhilarating. In essence, I enjoy creating artwork that sings to my soul – and I hope that it does that for you too!

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Sandra Burns, nature artist

Sandra Burns ART, female nature artist, photo taken on a beautiful blue sky day with Busselton Jetty in the background


  • 2022At The Beach, Blooming Delight and “Exotic Bloom” were included in a joint exhibition by Victoria Park Centre for the Arts (Art Supermarket), 4 May 2022 to 31 July 2022
  • 2022Ocean Wave was a finalist in the Fusion Art “7th Annual Waterscapes Juried Art Exhibition“, 5 March 2022 to 4 April 2022
  • 2021At The Beach, Peaceful Sunset and Flowers For You were included in a joint exhibition by Victoria Park Centre for the Arts (Art Supermarket), 9 December 2021 to 30 April 2022


  • Victoria Park Centre for the Arts
  • United ArtSpace (Hub member)
  • United ArtSpace (Virtual Art Studio member)