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Sandra Burns is a West Australian visual artist whose work symbolises hope and optimism, providing courage to move forward. She blends vibrant colours and deliberate brush strokes to create inspirational artwork. Her strong connection with nature is present throughout her work.

Although Sandra works mainly with acrylic paints, her portfolio also has some watercolour works and pencil or ink pen drawings.

Painting is an immense source of peace for Sandra, and she is happiest when her artwork connects with viewers on a deeper level. Her goal is to bring comfort and delight to the hearts and homes of others.

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Sandra Burns, Artist Statement

My artwork explores the boundaries of peace and healing. Through my art, I provide hope and optimism, a strength on which to move forward. The most important thing to give someone is to silence their demons – to provide a place of refuge and acceptance. If we can make the world a better place, we should do that. My work provides a pathway to good wellbeing. 💖

The sight and sound of the ocean have always been an escape for me. I bring those elements of escapism into my artwork.

Physically, my work is an acrylic painting. Mentally, it is a work of love – originating from a desire to help others on their journey towards peace and happiness.

Losing myself in the “process of creation”, I mix rich colours to achieve inspirational designs – combining my strong connection to nature and my desire to help others.

Sharing my designs is exhilarating. In essence, I enjoy creating artwork that sings to my soul – and I hope that it does that for you too!

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Sandra Burns

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