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Open Yourself Up to this Exciting Artistic Experience

Creating art is an expression of your inner being, your vitality, your soul.

Let go of fear and progress with courage and confidence. It’s your time.

Feed Your Inner Artist
  • $10 monthly
Feed Your Inner Artist
  • $19 monthly


Joining “Feed Your Inner Artist” is an invitation to develop your Art and creativity, to believe in more than you think is within reach! This year I set a target, a vision, of taking 1,000 Artists on an adventure of inspiration, at your own pace, in your own time, just as I did as a self-taught painter who once didn’t believe I could make a living as an Artist. Are you in?

taking inspiration to 1,000 artists

Welcome to Feed Your Inner Artist

This is a community of emerging and established Artists. Together we dream big and practice creating art from the heart – while generously sharing insight, tools and resources – and celebrating each other’s achievements.

Get what you need help with right now
Monthly inspirational art challenges, plus monthly news about art and artists, and more!

Get support for your art
Be welcomed into an exclusive, supportive community of Artists who understand you, understand your journey, support you, celebrate your WINS! and keep you moving forward.

Get more time to make your Art
Creative challenges to inspire you. Stop wasting time staring at a blank canvas, not knowing what to paint.

Know what step to take next with your art
Monthly art inspiration tips, fun facts, art news, and more.

As a “Feed Your Inner Artist” Member you will get

Motivation to help you Take Action Step by Step

Unlike online courses, you won’t be left in the dark after a couple of weeks to figure it all out by yourself. I will be there month after month after month to offer you personal direction.

Here’s how you will stay focused:

By following steps and getting the inspiration you need, receiving a mix of the following elements – artistic challenges, arty newsletters, community membership, and more.
  • Accountability with Sandra and your fellow Inner Artists
  • Monthly Challenges, adaptable to your style of art and your level of ability
  • Guest Opportunities for you as a Member to share your Expertise
  • Creative Motivation to keep your Inspiration Teeming
  • Continuing encouragement and support from your fellow Inner Artists who understand your hurdles and celebrate your success

Once Inside our Community

You get Instant Access to a number of artistic prompts, unique to where you are on your art journey.

We’ll cover loads of arty topics with the most up to date expertise.

Whether you are just starting out or well-established…

Topics of discussion will include:
  • Using social media to create inspiring posts
  • How using a workflow order helps create your best work
  • The best way to design your art, before you even add colour to canvas
  • The optimal mindset for creating great work
  • Selling your artwork
  • Staying organised in your workspace
  • Creative challenges to inspire you
  • Sandra’s Ultimate Artist resource list

In Addition

Access to ALL of this Without having to Search for it and the Opportunity to Expand your Network

It’s not about fine-tuning everything about your Art, its about finding the right people to learn from, and building an authentic, united community to grow with.

Make New Connections.

And find Partners to Learn from and Collaborate with.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish

As a “Feed Your Inner Artist” Member, you will feel (as one of the Artists recently described) “a whole lot happier!” Imagine! You will be an Artist with more happiness and certainty, knowing you are taking the right steps. You will handle any hurdles with ease, because you are prepared. You will collect great ideas and awareness about how to keep your art and creativity on your own terms. You’re on a road that will satisfy your creativity for years to come.

  • Creating wonderful artwork
  • Staying knowledgeable about creating great art
  • Valuing yourself and your work
  • Writing great social media posts
  • Evolving into a tranquil and serene Artist with a creative vein you love

Why you can no longer afford to go it alone as an artist

Learn from my journey so you can choose a different path to the one I took – the “do it by yourself, surrounded by non-Arty people, with non-Arty opinions” path.

You can forge the path alone or you can join us and:

  • spend less money and less time rather than do it all by yourself – a self-taught artist is one thing, but a self-taught inspiration-seeking artist is a whole other story.
  • get together with a community who understands you, to create more inspiration to create more art
  • be connected to the right community, one who gets you, and inspires your best work
  • have a safe place to ask questions, and get answers quickly rather than guess and try to figure it out by yourself over months (or even years)
  • stop trying to convince those around you (who just don’t “get it”) why you create Art
  • build trust in yourself, confidence and a restored rhythm to creating your work
  • let go of the fear and self-doubt that keeps you feeling stuck
  • get instant support from a community of Artists who have a shared vision, have a passion for creativity, and support each other
  • gain clarity and focus to help you reach your goals now rather than keep spinning your wheels in in a constant state of overwhelm

It’s Your Time

Set your inner artist free and allow yourself to dream of living life as an artist.

sandra burns

Join me for the Month or for the Year

Get Ready For a Turning Point for Your Inner Artist

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Annual Member
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The “Feed Your Inner Artist” Doors Are Open!

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Hi! I’m Sandra a self-taught Artist who started my artistic journey in 1979. My art life, as it is for so many Artists, is combination of wins and learning that has led me through to becoming an emerging Artist once again in 2020, creating original artworks that give me pleasure and pride.

Sandra Burns Art

I LOVE helping Inner Artists

And, I know that the best way to help Inner Artists is on an ongoing basis, month after month after month.

An empath and a nurturer who cares about the well being and success of each and every one of my Members, the Feed Your Inner Artist membership is my answer to the call for what I saw missing in our creative industry. This is the ongoing mentorship I would have LOVED to have had as I was growing my creativity.

I won’t lie, this is my first online community – and it’s one I am passionate about. Only open a few times a year, I invite you to join us and Feed Your Inner Artist.

Together we’re building a movement – creating our own artistic environment, and encouraging more creative souls to thrive and transform as Artists.

So if you’re ready to finally follow your artistic dream with grace and ease, while avoiding the never-ending uphill struggle by doing it all alone or taking countless courses, leaving you with more questions than answers, then join me now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other members have asked before signing up

  • I’m just beginning and not sure of my Artistic voice, is this right for me?

    This membership is great for beginner/emerging Artists because it has the basics of providing inspirational ideas, meaning you can concentrate on building a body of work.
  • What is the benefit of an ongoing membership instead of a one time course?

    Well firstly, consistent accountability and investment in your Artistic Dream generates Action – and action generates Progress and increases your confidence!

    And secondly, the opportunity to access a community and mentor addressing the most relevant topics in current time is invaluable.
  • What if I join and it’s not the right fit? Can I get a refund?

    Yes! I want “Feed Your Inner Artist” to feel like the exact right fit for you. There’s truly no risk. Remember, you can join for just a month. If you join, and within the first 14 days of being a monthly or annual member, you know without a doubt it’s not the right fit for you, you can ask for a refund.
  • How much time can I expect to invest per month?

    The goal of “Feed Your Inner Artist” is inspiring consistent progress and getting you results. I want to support you in spending less time consuming information, and more time creating Art to get you to that next level. The challenge content in the membership is provided by email so it can be read and completed at a time that suits you. Everyone’s lives are busy. Pick a time that suits you. Challenges can take as long as you like, but I’d recommend about 30 minutes for a sketch or rough draft. If you choose to proceed with turning it into an artwork, you can do this at your own pace. You can also choose skip a challenge, it’s up to you. The monthly newsletters will be some light reading of an arty nature.
  • Do I need to join a Facebook group to participate?

    While I highly recommend you participate in the Facebook group for participation and conversation with fellow Artists, you don’t have to join Facebook to benefit from being a Member. It just means you will miss out on the Art community aspect of the membership.
  • Will you be transparent in sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t worked?

    Absolutely! No matter the level of success of an Artist, it’s a combination of wins and learnings (there are no failures, just learnings). The best way to learn is to share what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. I plan to do all of the challenges with you.
  • Can I just subscribe for a month?

    I encourage all members to stay and gain the long term benefits. If you join and feel it is not the right fit for you, you can cancel at any time. If you do leave and want to come back, your new membership will reflect any price increase.
  • Are you available throughout the month if I don’t understand something or have any questions?

    Yes, most definitely! I am there to support you, not just providing you with inspiration and information. You are always welcome to reach out with questions. I also encourage you to add questions to the Facebook group, as very often your fellow Inner Artists will have an answer for you as well.
  • Where do I go if I have additional questions?

    Just hit me up on my Contact Page.

Ready to Get Inspired and Create More Art?

Open to Emerging and Established Artists.

I can’t wait to Welcome You into the group!

Be the first to know as soon as the Doors to “Feed Your Inner Artist” Re-Open.

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