Frequently Asked Questions

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Buying artwork can be overwhelming and it is natural to worry you might not like it once it is in your home.

Have you ever felt like this too?

This got me thinking about my own art and how I want my buyers to feel confident and happy when they buy from me, so here are the top questions I get asked and this is how I like to work:

What If I Don’t Like The Art After I Buy It?

All of my work is accurately photographed but there might be a slight difference in the colour because it’s impossible to get 100% accuracy from a digital image. If you are concerned about how a work might look when you receive it, I can send you more pictures in advance that show the work in context so you can get a feel for the size and colour.

Please get in touch with me if you see something you like and you would like me to send more pictures.

Here are what other people are saying about my work:

  • Susan“His eyes are brilliant it’s exactly how they look! Emus are bonkers!” 
    (about ‘Eddie The Emu’)
  • Kym“Stunning Sandra! I love the variation in hues. 💖🖼🎨” 
    (about ‘Blooming Delight’)
  • Jo“This is awesome! I’ll have to try this method on one of my paintings! Thanks so much for sharing this. You’re results are beautiful!” 
    (about ‘Garden Time’)
  • Graham“I like them. Colourful, animated and humorous.” 
    (about ‘Mythical Creatures’)

What If I Get Bored Of The Artwork?

Although this is a fear that crops up in people’s minds when they are buying, I haven’t had one customer contact me to say they are now bored of the work. I have found that when you redecorate or perhaps move the piece to a new room, this gives the work a new life. I have also found that the longer my collectors own a piece of work, the more attached and meaningful the work becomes.

But, worst case scenario, if you don’t want the artwork anymore my prices are increasing every year so your purchase will be an investment if you do choose to sell it.

What Happens If My Art Gets Damaged When It’s Shipped To Me?

I can ship art all over the world and I use a very reputable shipping company, and the price you pay includes insurances so the work is covered if it does get damaged.

How Do I Hang The Artwork Once I’ve Bought It?

This is a great question, especially if you have never bought from me before.

  • Firstly, if you purchase a mounted artwork or a framed option it will be strung, and ready to hang. 
  • If you purchase a painting unframed, most of my work is designed to fit standard frames that are readily available from homeware department stores, such as Kmart or Spotlight in Australia. These frames usually have something on the back that easily sits onto a hook on the wall. 
  • If you purchase a painting unframed, you could take it to a framer in your area and they can advise with regard to options and prices. 

I found a great tutorial on YouTube that will help you with tips and tricks to hang a picture at the right height, and what kind of nail, screw, picture hanger or wall anchor to use:

HOW TO HANG A PICTURE” by Ace Hardware

What If I Can’t Afford Your Work

If you see something you like but the price is a stretch, please get in touch with me as I can offer a few solutions, for example I am happy to work on a commission within a set budget, perhaps for a smaller size. Or maybe a print, instead of an original, might be an option within your budget.

If you have any questions about buying my artwork that I maybe haven’t covered here, send me a message.