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The ocean wave launches its thunderous crash into the remains of its predecessor. Flourishing as it draws the frothy remains into its own curve. Wisps of sea-spray released from its crest, on their own journey. This is my way of saying “We are all beautiful, in spite of our chaos.”

28 cm x 19 cm original painting, acrylic on paper.

This is an acrylic painting of a spectacular crashing wave, with deep brooding blues in the background and bright blues and whites in the foreground.

At the front is a fabulous frothy shore wash that you want to dip your toes in.

The main focus is the majestic wave, with sea foam being drawn up into the curve and sea spray coming off the crest of the wave. 💖

Video: making the wave

This short video shows how my Ocean Wave came together – the process of making a wave.

My favourite part of this painting – the sea spray coming off the crest of the wave, contrasting against the darker blues behind. 💖

The sight and sound of the ocean has always been an escape for me. I love the ocean with a passion and this painting was such a joy to create.

It embodies my deep connection to the ocean, its continuing movement of the undulating waves and I can almost hear the echoing crashes of the waves. 🌊

My Ocean Wave painting sings to my soul, I hope it does that for you too.

To me, the vast expanse of the ocean and the echoing sound of the waves is my happy place – it brings me peace.

Feedback on this painting:
▪️ Peter: “I thought it was a photo… AWESOME
▪️ Jennifer: “Great job – the waves look amazing. I just got back from the beach and missing it looking at your painting 🙂”
▪️ Kym: “Sandra, you did an amazing job on this. The detail is like a photograph. You captured the essence and movement magnificently. You go girl!!! 🌊 🎨 🏄‍♀️”

I love mixing colours to achieve something inspirational, losing myself in the process of creation. My greatest joy is when my art makes someone else happy.

This artwork designed to go on the wall and bring delight to you and your friends.

✅ This painting is 28 cm x 19 cm, acrylic on paper.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included, signed by the artist, for 100% guarantee of authenticity.

All artwork is copyright © Sandra Burns. All rights reserved.

UNFRAMED (includes shipping)

FRAMED and ready to hang (includes shipping, see images in video 👆):


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