Here’s what people are saying about Sandra Burns ART:

Happy New Year, Sandra! And keep up the good work. Love looking at your work. Wishing you peace.

SHINGLE, January 2022

You are a multi-talented person and it is a pleasure to see your work.

BRENDA, December 2021

“Feel the freedom in your words, vision and where you are now, appreciate you sharing it all and you are talented soul, peace”

MAX, December 2021

Interest in art gives immense satisfaction in life.. sharing is knowledge.. keep inspiring us..

CHIRU, November 2021

You found your creative calling. Keep up the good work girlfriend! 🥂🖼🎨”

KYM, November 2021

Love your passion, awareness and soul. Keep true. 💙”

GAVIN, November 2021

You are the spirit that brings the magic and life to your artwork. Keep that focus girlfriend!!! 🖼🎉🎨”

KYM, November 2021