Walking along the beach on a warm, sunny morning. Listening to echoing waves and water lapping onto the shoreline. Can you feel the sand under your feet and the water around your toes? These are just some ways that nature tells us everything will be okay.

30 cm x 40 cm Original Painting, acrylic on canvas.

AT THE BEACH is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas, mounted on wooden framework. Hand-painted with love.

Video: making ‘at the beach’

This short video shows how this beautiful painting came to life – blending colours in the sky and the waves, and making the shore wash.

My favourite part of this painting is the foamy shore-wash at the front of the water.

Creating this wave painting was such a joy for me. I love the ocean – the smells, the sounds, the vast openness – they are simply amazing to witness – and also to paint.

Feedback on this painting:
▪️ Sarah: “Love the colours and shore wash especially!
▪️ Dawn: “Lovely painting well done 😊”
▪️ Trish: “Beautifully done

This artwork designed to go on the wall and bring delight to you and your friends.

✅ This artwork is 30 cm x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included, signed by the artist, for 100% guarantee of authenticity.

All artwork is copyright © Sandra Burns. All rights reserved.

MOUNTED and ready to hang (includes shipping)

The above price is for the painting, mounted on wooden framework. The image wraps around the sides of the frame.


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