Collecting Artwork

Collecting Artwork

Interested in Collecting Artwork?

Owning an art collection gives you something you can enjoy on a daily basis, plus if you choose the right piece you also have the opportunity for it to appreciate in value.

Collecting art has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

As the “great Australian dream” of owning your own home is slipping further and further from reach for most young Australians, they are turning instead to ways of decorating their rented homes tastefully. Which, in turn, has led to an affinity for turning one or two pieces of art into a collection.

Art collecting is no longer reserved for the rich and famous – although they do have more money!

Ready to get started?

Collecting Artwork

How to Get Started Collecting Art

What is your reason for collecting art?

  • Are you collecting art as an investment?
  • Are you collecting art to be surrounded by beautiful artworks?
  • Or maybe it’s a bit of both?

Collecting art can be an achievable goal for anyone.

And collecting original artwork is a fabulous way to show your personality and add character to your home or office.

You’ve heard the term “location, location, location” when buying real estate. Well, with art it is “look and look and look” – do your research before going anywhere near your wallet or credit card.

Take a friend along and make it fun. Go to galleries, openings and exhibitions. Follow artists and galleries on Facebook and Instagram. Hone in on what you like and develop your taste in art.

And don’t forget to sign up to the mailing lists for your favourite artists. Subscribers will often get first dibs on new artwork before it is available to the general public, secret “members only” sales, discounts, and the like. It’s worth being on the list!

Ready to take the first step?

Click here to find out more about collecting art.

Feel free to share this post and spread the word! 🎨🙂

Thanks for taking this art journey with me!

-Sandra 🎨🙂

P.S. Become a Studio Insider – get news of new releases, secret sales, and more!

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