Inside my Studio

Inside my studio, I have a folder where I store any of my artworks that are on paper (the ones that aren’t framed and hanging on the wall).

This is the inside cover of my folder – sometimes it doubles as a cutting board or tracing board.

Sandra Burns ART Studio - a sneak peek inside the studio where the artwork is made - drawings, paintings, the easel, paint brushes, water mugs and more
Sandra Burns Art Studio

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Much love and happiness to you.

X Sandra

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  1. Love the organic feel of this artwork you have featured Sandra. 🥰 That is something that you can frame girlfriend! 🎨

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    1. Love your thinking. Putting it on my list. 🥰🎨

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      1. There you go girl!!! 🌞🎨😍🦋🥰

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