Sketchbook Art – Pencil Dancing

Sketchbook Dancing | Sandra Burns Art

Some time ago I took a course that teaches how to portray movement and emphasis in quick pencil sketches. It was great fun.

Apart from the pressure of creating something meaningful in one minute (students screaming ‘NO!!’ when told ‘pencils down’), we also had to consider light and shade, movement, weight and grounding. It wasn’t easy.

So here’s my quick one-minute sketch of our teacher, swirling her arms around, bending, and stepping around. This was done using a 2B Graphite Pencil.

Dancing Sketch | Sandra Burns Art
Dancing Sketch | Sandra Burns Art

I was happy that I nailed the “Light & Shadow” aspect.

“Weight & Grounding” was pretty good. Her weight was firmly on her right leg (darker) and she was stepping with her left leg (lighter). I hope that conveys properly.

“Movement” is shown in the position of her arms – surely no one would be standing with their arms like that unless they were flailing about!

I was also happy that I didn’t have to try to draw her face – faces are hard, and there wasn’t enough time. The sketch looks okay being faceless.

So there’s a bit of insight into something that looks simple, but really wasn’t.

Live. Love. Art.

-Sandra 🙂

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