Sketchbook Project – The Pelican

Australian Pelican | Sandra Burns Art

The pelican is not an easy subject to draw! But honestly, is anything?

This is a quick 3-minute sketch in 2B pencil. And three minutes is really not very long. I would have preferred more time.

The Pelican | Sandra Burns Art
The Pelican | Sandra Burns Art

Do you like my sketchbook project of the pelican?

The idea of quick time-limited sketches is to promote the speed of drawing and to eliminate the need for perfection (at this stage). Perfection can come later.

This was my source photo…

Pelican on Swan River | Sandra Burns Photography
Pelican on Swan River | Sandra Burns Photography

And if you’ve been following my blog, you will know I’ve done other replications of this beautiful Australian pelican:

And I’m sure you will see many more – I love this little guy!

A quick note about the photo:
This beautiful Australian pelican was standing in the shallow water at the edge of the Swan River in Perth (Western Australia). I talked calmly to him, slowly stepped closer and closer. When I thought I was as close as he would let me get, I crouched down in the sand and held the camera as low as I could – and snapped the shot. This is my favourite photo, hence why I keep using it for artwork.

I think I’m happy with my quick sketch of the pelican. The proportions are good and it looks enough like the real thing – to my eye anyway.

Here they are side-by-side:

Not too bad an effort, hey!


-Sandra 🙂

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