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The Gardener | Sandra Burns Art

“The Gardener” is from my artwork archive, completed in 1980!

This is a large still life pencil drawing.

I remember the day we walked into art class and Mrs B had brought more things over from her home. It was handy for her, living just across the road. She had spent time this past weekend gardening, so obviously our task this week was to draw her gardening items. She brought the garden bench to class!

Mrs B was the generous gardener. She made her garden a joy to look at. Whether it was spring planting, or summer bulbs, or spring onion growing… she could make it interesting. Never a chore.

I named this artwork after Mrs B.

72 cm x 46 cm
Pencil on paper canvas

The Gardener | Sandra Burns Art
The Gardener | Sandra Burns Art

Our art teacher told us to take some time to study the scene before starting. And she was right.

Nearly every item here was curved, with light and shadows in gradients.

Drawing in a single colour is harder than you think. You have to rely on different depths of colour to highlight angles and shapes.

It was a challenging task and there were differing levels of success from students around the room. And each of us had a different perspective of the subject from our vantage points.

Does this artwork make you feel like you’re standing at the garden bench?

I know if it were my garden bench, it would be a lot messier than this.

“The Gardener” was also the basis for my acrylic artwork “Garden Time“.

Art has always been in my veins, this was completed as a high school art project.

Tell me in the comments below if you like this artwork. What do you feel when you look at this scene?

What’s Next For The Gardener?

“The Gardener” is available for purchase but not currently advertised anywhere. If you are interested in owning this beautiful piece, just contact me for more information.

“THE GARDENER” details:
72 cm x 46 cm, pencil drawing on paper canvas, unframed.

The Gardener | Sandra Burns Art
The Gardener | Sandra Burns Art

One thing I have learned from looking through my old artwork (my artwork archives), is I never should have stopped! 

Bring happiness to your home right now and solve that blank wall space that’s been bugging you!

Thanks for viewing my art.


-Sandra 🙂

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