OCEAN WAVE Profile: Day 4

Ocean Wave profile day 4 | Sandra Burns ART

I have often been described as an empath – which is to say I absorb feelings from other people very easily. This can be exhausting when I sense too much negativity.

For this reason I like to make art that encourages and promotes happiness. I strongly feel that if we can make the world a better place, we should do that.

Ocean Wave feedback | Sandra Burns ART
Ocean Wave feedback | Sandra Burns ART

My favourite feedback on this painting:

  • Corrie: “Great job on this painting. 🌊”
  • Peter: “I thought it was a photo… AWESOME
  • Jennifer: “Great job – the waves look amazing. I just got back from the beach and missing it looking at your painting πŸ™‚”

My painting is called Ocean Wave, for obvious reasons.

πŸ’– The sight and sound of the ocean has always been an escape for me.

βœ… If this artwork makes you feel happy, it is available for purchase.

πŸ‘€ I hope you’re enjoying this week of profile posts. Let me know in the comments.


-Sandra πŸŽ¨πŸ™‚

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