OCEAN WAVE Profile: Day 4

Ocean Wave profile day 4 | Sandra Burns ART

I have often been described as an empath – which is to say I absorb feelings from other people very easily. This can be exhausting when I sense too much negativity.

For this reason I like to make art that encourages and promotes happiness. I strongly feel that if we can make the world a better place, we should do that.

Ocean Wave feedback | Sandra Burns ART
Ocean Wave feedback | Sandra Burns ART

My favourite feedback on this painting:

  • Corrie: “Great job on this painting. 🌊”
  • Peter: “I thought it was a photo… AWESOME
  • Jennifer: “Great job – the waves look amazing. I just got back from the beach and missing it looking at your painting 🙂”

My painting is called Ocean Wave, for obvious reasons.

💖 The sight and sound of the ocean has always been an escape for me.

✅ If this artwork makes you feel happy, it is available for purchase.

👀 I hope you’re enjoying this week of profile posts. Let me know in the comments.


-Sandra 🎨🙂

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