Eddie Emu: Profile Day 3

Eddie The Emu | Sandra Burns ART

This week I’m profiling one of my favourite paintings.

This is EDDIE THE EMU – it is an artwork designed to go on the wall and bring delight to you and your friends.

He gives you comfort that you are not alone in this world. Eddie is there. He understands.

This short video shows how my EDDIE THE EMU painting came together – the process of making a painting that shows all the love and understanding that I give to people in real life.

This artwork was such a joy to create.

It embodies my deep connection to genuinely caring about people, and helping people with their own journeys in life.

EDDIE THE EMU | Sandra Burns Art

💖 This painting sings to my soul, I hope it does that for you too.

👀 I’m sharing something different about this artwork each day this week, so keep a look out.

✅ This artwork is 29 cm x 20 cm, acrylic paint on paper canvas… and he is for sale, so message me if you’d like to know more or follow this link.

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