The “OCEAN WAVE” Story

“OCEAN WAVE” – This is one of my favourite pieces of artwork. πŸ’–

The ocean wave launches its thunderous crash into the remains of its predecessor. Flourishing as it draws the frothy remains into its own curve. Wisps of sea-spray released from its crest, on their own journey. This is my way of saying “We are all beautiful, in spite of our chaos.”

OCEAN WAVE - Sandra Burns ART - nature art, crashing wave, blue water, white sea-spray, white shore wash, acrylic painting on paper
Ocean Wave | Sandra Burns ART

My favourite feedback on this painting:
“Great job – the waves look amazing. I just got back from the beach and missing it already looking at your painting πŸ™‚”, Jennifer.

That makes me so proud!

βœ… If you’d like this artwork on your wall… it is available for purchase. Message me for more info, or follow the link in my Bio.

πŸ‘€ Through my art, I’m exploring the healing power of nature, and bringing nature inside the home.

Let me know in the comments if you like this one. πŸ‘‡

Sandra Burns ART πŸŽ¨πŸ™‚

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