Rottnest on the horizon

This blue ocean painting is called “Looking To Rotto”. You can’t always see Rottnest Island on the horizon, but when you can it’s like magic.

I always look for it, and I always smile when I can see it. That’s the feeling behind this painting.

Looking to Rotto - Sandra Burns ART - On a clear day from Scarborough Beach, you can see Rottnest Island on the horizon. Warm sand beneath your toes, the sound of water lapping and kissing the sand. Happy and warm memories of summer - blue ocean painting - original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Looking To Rotto – blue ocean painting- Sandra Burns ART

Through my art, I’m exploring the healing power of nature – and bringing nature inside the home.

This blue ocean painting is a 40 x 30 cm canvas and I really enjoyed adding layers of acrylic paint to form this scene. I love the way the blues contrast with the whites – in the ocean and the sky. And I had great fun mixing colours together to form the sand.

Do you feel the healing power of looking out across the water on a warm summer’s day? I hope you can feel this from my painting.

This painting is available at just A$420. Giftware is also available.

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