What Mythical Creatures Are Real?

What mythical creatures are real? They are all real, if you believe.

Did you know that dreams of mythical creatures can signify an imbalance in your waking life?

37 cm x 28 cm (14 x 11 inches)
Mixed media on paper
For sale A$390 (unframed) with free shipping worldwide
“Unframed” gives you the luxury of choosing a frame to suit your own style of decorating.

Mythical Creatures - Sandra Burns ART - nature art, mythical creatures art, old man standing on ground, bird elf in tree, elf sitting on a mushroom, flying fairy with blonde hair and blue dress - nature art for sale, indian ink, chinagraph pencil, wax pencil, original mixed media painting on paper
Mythical Creatures – Sandra Burns ART

Read more about “MYTHICAL CREATURES” and see the video of how this painting came together.

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  1. Sweet. 🥰💖😘 Girl, I commented on this yesterday, and don’t know what happened. It disappeared. UGH! Don’t you just love technology??? LOL 😂😜🤣

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    1. It may have been on a different post Kym. I’m glad you like my art. Thank you. 🥰

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      1. Oh my dear Sandra, you are so very welcome. 🥰💖🤩🥂😊

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