Pet Portrait – Weimaraner

Pet Portrait Weimaraner | Sandra Burns Art

A dog will not sit still for a pet portrait! This was my weimaraner dog Brutus in 1979. I still miss him. He was the best!

Of course, the easy way would be to work from a photograph, but I wanted to paint him from real-life.

This one day, he decided he would pose for the sake of my art. Bless him!

Black Chinagraph pencil with black ink added to emphasise areas.

Pet Portrait Weimaraner | Sandra Burns Art
Pet Portrait Weimaraner | Sandra Burns Art

This artwork holds sentimental value to me – being “my Brutus”.

I quickly sketched him in pencil, then went over the sketch with black Chinagraph pencil. By then he’d had enough and had moved on to other important doggo things.

To finish off, I then painted with black ink to give emphasis to certain areas – nose, eye, ear pocket, the corner of his lip, and his throat.

I love how this pet portrait came together. And it’s a great memento of my childhood best friend.

Do you like my weimaraner pet portrait?

Art has always been in my veins, this was completed as a high school art project.

Tell me in the comments below if you like this artwork. What do you feel when you look at this doggo?

What’s Next For This Weimaraner Pet Portrait?

For now, this piece goes back into my art folder.

If you’re a Weimaraner lover, I’m thinking of selling A4 prints. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself or a loved one.

Also let me know if you’d like to a quote for a pet portrait of your lovely pet. I haven’t set up a webpage for this yet.

One thing I have learned from looking through my old artwork (my artwork archives), is I never should have stopped! 

Thanks for viewing my art.


-Sandra 🙂

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